Sorry it's been so long since we changed the page, I've been a bit hopeless. Still, all is well and we have good news in the form of a short season in London (details below). Yes! We – that is, Fascinating Aïda – are gigging once again. In a tent plumb in the middle of Leicester Square, no less. Oh, what dedicated followers of fashion we are, to be sure!

Anyhow, Adele is doing incredibly well, so we can do a few shows and see how we go.

Before that, Liza and I will be performing some solo shows each – Liza has her Streisand show and I have a few last mop-up gigs for my solo show with the wonderful Michael Roulston on piano. Do come, I don't think I will be doing it again. I've done it a lot, I've had a wonderful time, but I'm ready to move on.

Other than that, Adele has been getting strong again, and socialising like the little social lioness she is. Yes, she's well. Isn't that great news?

Liza has been busy devising her new show, Liza Pulman sings Streisand and she has been getting some very flattering reviews. This is obviously a great worry to me as she may have turned from being the amenable, collegiate, biscuit-offering Liza we know and love to a frightful Diva demanding more light and her own supply of Kombucha. We wait and tremble … actually, we've done a gig already and she's just as gorgeous as ever, in spite of being a newly married lady … Yes – the gal went and done it with my old pal Steve!!! Much happiness to them both. She's had a busy and eventful year, then…

I did a biggish tour of Hello Dillie and then I went around the world. It was my birthday present to myself, a reward for hitting 65. My old man had an even bigger birthday so I threw him a great big lunch – and yes, I did the catering MYSELF for 101 people… I didn't have a choice when I saw the budget! Seriously, it was a really lovely party and no-one was poisoned.

After that, I needed a holiday so I went first to New York (fun), Palo Alto (fun AND productive), Tahiti (paradise), back to New York where I didn't win the Drama Desk Award for Best Entertainment (but nice to be nominated), then Adelaide (for the Cabaret Festival, wonderful), then Bangkok (exciting), then home. I thought it would get the travel bug out of my system. Hmmm. 5 weeks with 1 suitcase, a small backpack and a bum bag, carrying my stage kit, some DVDs, and enough clothes for summer AND winter. I did very well.

After that, I went to the Watermill Theatre in Bagnor, Newbury where I had the most blissful 12 weeks doing 'A Little Night Music', playing Madame Armfeldt, the old trout. It was a wonderful production and I adored every minute and every person I worked with. We hoped we might transfer as the reaction was SO splendiferous, but we were rather overshadowed by Follies opening at the National – like comparing a Fabergé egg to Versailles … each wonderful, but ours was small and perfectly formed. Ah well.

Now I am working on a book AND a musical and my head is spinning.

That's enough garbage from this old lady. Stay well, all of you, and hope you can come to the show…

All the best from all of us!


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